Minneapolis Search Engine Marketing

Minneapolis search engine marketing

Case Study: Over 300 Position 1 Rankings

Integrated and Effective Minneapolis Search Engine MarketingSome agencies do SEO, some manage paid ads, 612 does both and can manage search marketing campaigns from startups to multi-million dollar corporations. Utilize our experience in both organic search and PPC to dominate the search results pages. We build Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tailored to your business on a manageable budget. We’re different from other search firms because we customize the services and costs for each client – not force you into a service package you don’t need or want. 612 search marketing offers:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that take you to the top of page 1
  • Paid Search (PPC) that delivers quality traffic and high returns
  • Organic and Paid Search Integration that helps you dominate search results pages
  • Analytics, Tracking, and Reporting for Search Traffic and Sales

Search Marketing Services

Minneapolis SEO612 has years of experience getting sites more search traffic and getting number 1 search rankings. Our competitively priced link building and SEO content creation services will get your site ranking on the search keywords that are important to your business. Learn More >Pay-Per-Click (PPC)Paid search advertising gets you on the top of search results fast. Our campaign management includes tracking, testing, and performance reviews so you’re always getting the highest possible return on investment for your ads. Learn More >
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