Minneapolis Email Marketing Company

Minneapolis email marketing company

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612’s Minneapolis Email Marketing Company consultants can help you create email marketing campaigns that drive traffic and sales to your website. We design, execute, and perform email analysis for clients and help them in customer retention strategies. With email marketing from 612, you can reach your customers for very low costs and develop targeted strategies for different customer segments.We help you:
  • Create a targeted Email Marketing Strategy
  • Winning email campaigns get better results
  • Strong copy means your emails get read
  • Quality testing so your emails go out accurately
  • Track results to improve your campaigns

Minnesota Email Marketing Services

It is estimated fewer than 10% of businesses are taking advantage of email marketing and judging from the emails we come across, most are not using it towards its full potential.With the right plan and proper implementation, there are few advertising and marketing tactics as powerful as emailing current and potential prospects with promotions or information about your business.Our company offers more services than just building and sending emails. The initial step in an effective email marketing campaign is constructing a good subscriber list. Subscriber data could and should contain previous customers and also visitors to your website who have submitted their email or completed a lead generation form.Whenever you engage us, we bring all our advertising and marketing experience to the table, which means a combined 30 years involving email as well as e-marketing experience serving hundreds of clients in lots of different industrial sectors.Every organization and customer has different requirements so our advice is tailored to your e-mail marketing needs.
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