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We Get Real Results for Our Customers

Do you want more traffic to your site? More customers placing orders? Reduced costs for advertising with better results? This is what we do at 612 Marketing. Our internet marketing experts can help your site perform better, attract more customers, and grow your business. Check out our case studies for some of our success stories.

612 is a full service Minneapolis internet marketing firm that can offer your business a wide array of search marketing, traffic generation, and web consulting services. We specialize in getting websites more traffic and high quality visitors. Our combined 60+ years of internet marketing and web development experience has helped us get many clients top rankings on search engines, paid search campaigns with high returns, and website development and design work that has increased sales and conversions.

Minneapolis internet marketing

Generating and growing web traffic is what internet marketing is all about. Every minute 430,000 people are searching the internet. Some may be potential customers. We use many strategies to help you get seen by these customers and beat your competition.

Generating Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine results show two kinds of links: Paid links (the advertiser pays per click); and Organic links (the “free” links below the first 3 paid results). SEO is all about getting to the top of the organic results.
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Pay-Per-Click / Search Engine Marketing (PPC / SEM)

Some people thing why pay for something that I can get for free? Getting to the top result in organic search can take weeks, months, or even years for very competitive keywords. With SEM / PPC you can pay to jump to the top of the page. Learn More >

Email Marketing

After you get a customer or obtain a lead on your site, one of the most cost effective ways to retarget that customer and get repeat business is email marketing. Design and send out high quality emails that generate big business. Learn More >

Social Media Marketing

Keep in touch with your customers and get valuable feedback from this with Social Media Marketing. Build a content and communication strategy to build your brand’s reputation across many social networks.
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One of the reasons internet marketing is so effective is the amount of data tracking and analysis that can be done. Utilize a variety of different analytics tools to measure and track performance of each different marketing campaign and website performance and conversions. Learn More >


Many retailers are discovering that an eCommerce strategy can boost sales and help them reach out to new customers all over the country. eCommerce tailored marketing and web development will help you get traffic from highly qualified visitors and convert that traffic into sales. Learn More >

Web Development and Design

Getting more traffic to a website is only one piece of building a successful online business. Increase the rate at which people come to your site and purchase, submit a lead generation form, or contact you for business by implementing best practices in design and web development. Learn More >